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  • Comptroller Expedites Child Care Payments
    (3-30-15) Springfield, IL - Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger is working to get out child care payments fast.  Munger says the money is coming, although the state funding was delayed for weeks. Last week legislators finally approved a budget to cover the state’s budget gaps including child care services. Munger will expedite the payments so services can continue. 
  • Congressmen Work to Alter FEMA Funding Formula
    (3-30-15) Washington, D.C. - In Washington, Illinois Congressmen are working to reform the process the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses to declare disasters.  The Representatives are proposing a new bill to change FEMA’s current formula which is population based. Because the formula is population based some states get more or less money when disaster strikes.  Some Illinois towns recently affected by tornadoes did not receive assistance from FEMA.  Previous versions of the Fairness in Federal Disaster Declarations Act have failed, but officials believe this version will pass. 
  • Political Establishment Doubles Down on LaHood
    (3-28-) Peoria, IL - Bobby Schilling, former Republican congressman representing parts of Illinois near Iowa, announced his support for Obama Secretary Ray LaHood's son Darin, appointed state senator in 2011 by the Republican political machine. Schilling, who served just one term from 2010-2012, announced Saturday morning at an event in Peoria that he will back LaHood after speculation that Schilling himself was considering a run for the congressional seat vacated by Aaron Schock. Sources speculate Schilling's son, Terry, a political operative in Washington DC, may benefit from his father's support of LaHood. Schilling has been seen as a conservative by the media, so support of LaHood could turn the widely spread fear that Darin LaHood is part of a political family dynasty, siding not with ideology but with political power. Darin LaHood's father, Ray, was appointed to serve as transportation secretary to Obama, previously serving in congress, however, refusing to sign onto Newt Gingrich's contract with America. Darin, after losing his first and only political campaign in 2008, was appointed in 2011 to the state senate.
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