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  • The SEIU is hurting Illinois caregivers
    shutterstock_213577726Illinois politics is too often a master class in masking true intentions. A legislative push by the Service Employees International Union and some state lawmakers is one such case. Behind the curtain of Senate Bill 2931 is a greedy ploy by the SEIU to make more money at the expense of the state’s most vulnerable […] The post The SEIU is hurting Illinois caregivers appeared first on Illinois News Network.
  • Suburban Democrat to oppose progressive tax
    Franks 2-17-16Less than a week after Democrats proposed replacing Illinois’ flat income tax with a graduated tax system, the measure may already be on its way to defeat...
  • Jobs are the ultimate crime stoppers
    IMG_2497Susan Trieschmann was sick of hearing the same story. Kid grows up in a dangerous household. Kid commits a crime. Kid says he never would have done it if he had a job. What Trieschmann heard day after day in meetings of formerly incarcerated youth in Evanston spurred her to act. With the skills she […] The post Jobs are the ultimate crime stoppers appeared first on Illinois News Network.
  • Restaurant owner doesn’t trust lawmakers with more money; and more from INN Radio
    charlie parkerRestaurant owner doesn’t trust lawmakers with more money A Springfield restaurant owner says the state should live within its means instead of proposing a progressive income tax...
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