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  • Coroner Confirms ID of Remains Found in Tazewell Co.
    Tazewell County Coroner James Baldi confirmed early this morning that remains found in rural Tazewell County in July belonged to missing teenager, Robert Bee, Jr...
  • Report: Most Illinois Cities Gain Jobs, Just Not Enough
    Illinois' economy is still stuck in the mud. The latest report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security says most cities in the state added jobs over the past year. But IDES boss Jeff Mays yesterday said they didn't add enough. The report says Illinois as a whole added about 25 thousand jobs between last August and last month. But 20 thousand of those jobs came in Chicago or the suburbs. Mays says the state's economy is stuck in neutral.
  • State of the University Address
    The president of Illinois State University is encouraging the community to stay confident during his 4th annual State of the University Address. Larry Dietz said with the damage of the 2-year Illinois budget impasse, ISU is trying to recover and prepare in the event it occurs again. He said the university is also taking time to revise its strategic plan. Dietz also announced he is seeking a mid-year salary increase for those who qualify, and a promotion salary enhancement for full-time associate professors
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