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  • State Trooper Punched
    (12-22-14) Chicago, IL - Violence against the police continues in Illinois. One Chicago man punched an Illinois State Trooper. Daniel Rucci is accused of punching an officer in the face early Sunday morning.  Rucci had been pulled over on the Kennedy Expressway when he knocked the officer to the ground punched him in the face and then fled for Lyons home. The officer was treated and released from the hospital.  Rucci is charged with aggravated battery to a police officer and DUI.
  • Juror Pay Increased
    (12-22-14) Springfield, IL - Well some will be getting a raise in the New Year.  Governor Quinn signed a bill into law requiring counties to pay jurors $25 for their first day of work and $50 for each day after. The new rate of pay will begin in June 2015.  Under current law jurors can be paid $4 a day if the county chooses.McLean County doesn't think the new law will have too much impact on their court, but not all counties are happy with the increase and are worried about the extra expenses.
  • City of Bloomington Survey
    (12-22-14) Bloomington, IL The City of Bloomington is conducting a survey.  The goal is to help guide the city on what they should set as budget priorities.  The 10 question survey will be posted until the end of the day on Friday January 16th.  Questions include how well you would rate Bloomington as a place to live and whether or not the City should put more emphasis on instituting user fees instead of taxes.  The city will hold a public committee meeting on January 20th.Follow the link to get the survey on Bloomington's City website homepage.  
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