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  • Special Session Called for Wednesday on Illinois School Funding Reform Bill
    Another special session starts Wednesday.  Gov. Rauner last week set noon today as the deadline for the Senate to submit Senate Bill 1 to him so he could rewrite it to make it less generous to Chicago schools. The deadline was not met. Senate President John Cullerton issued a statement saying that Rauner should convene meetings so that a compromise on school funding reform can be reached. Rauner rejected the idea.Source: State Journal Register
  • Searchers Find Shirt In Canvass For Missing Pekin Teen
    A group of searchers say they're not sure a shirt found over the weekend is a clue in finding a missing Pekin boy, but they're hoping for the best. Searchers with Trucks 4 Kids, a private group that searches for missing children, turned the shirt over to Pekin Police yesterday. The group hopes the shirt helps them find 13-year-old Robert Bee Jr., who went missing in November of last year. Bartonville Police Chief Brian Fengel says the group is trying to follow every lead in the case.
  • Bloomington May Resurrect Downtown Parking Meters
    You may soon have to pay to park in downtown Bloomington. A special city committee looking to revitalize the city's downtown is looking at bringing back parking meters. Bloomington got rid of paid parking meters in the 1980s, now Alderman Jamie Mathy wants to bring them back. Mathy's plan is to make the city's parking garages free, but charge for on street parking. He said last week that he wants to discourage the people who live and work in downtown from taking up all of the parking meters.
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