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  • Medical Marijuana Case Investigating Illinois Doctor
    A southern Illinois doctor who works at a clinic where many patients try to access the state's medical marijuana program has been subpoenaed in a state and federal investigation.State officials told the "Southern Illinoisan" that the investigation is in response to alleged improper control-substance prescriptions from Dr...
  • Federal Judge Blocks Illinois' Election Day Voter Registration Law
    A federal judge is blocking Illinois' Election Day voter registration law six weeks before the presidential election.  The ruling handed down yesterday declared the policy unconstitutional because it created different rules for cities and rural areas in the state.  The law had required counties with populations of 100-thousand or more to offer Election Day registration at all polling places.  Officials say people can still register and vote on November 8th but only at a limited number of sites including the county clerk's office.
  • Illinois Manufacturers Say Taxes Could Follow Business Reforms
    The head of Illinois' manufacturers says his group could back a sales tax expansion or a new service tax...
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  • Morning Buzz 9/28/16 8am
    Fox’s Tonya J. Powers and America’s Clown Epidemic–Buzzfeed: Women Suffer from PTSD When Trump Speaks…Really???–Terror Warning–Did Hillary Even Take Her Required Security Training at State Dept?– Live Cut-In From House Judiciary Cmte Hearing w/FBI’s James Comey Re: Clinton Investigation–Signs of the Apocalypse
  • Morning Buzz 9/28/16 7am
    Campaign Trail/Debate Ratings w.Fox’s Rachel Sutherland–Police Video Being Made for High Schoolers Re; Behavior at Traffic Stops–Elon Musk Wants to Colonize Mars w/ Fox’s Eben Brown–McLean Co...
  • Morning Buzz 9/28/16 6am
    Same Day Voter Registration Ruling–Buzzfeed: Women Get PTSD Watching Trump Debate–Hillary’s Health Poll–Terroism Warning–UN: US Must Pay Reparations to Blacks
  • Morning Buzz 9/28/16 5am
    Eye Opener–Same Day Registration Halted–Police Video For Highschoolers:How to Behave During a Traffic Stop
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