State Senate Passes “Waffle House” Gun Bill

It’s a new gun bill from the Illinois Senate and it is called the “Waffle House” bill. SB 2387 was introduced in the wake of the Nashville Waffle House shooting. It requires that anyone receiving a firearm through a disposition record is informed about current law on the unlawful transfer of a firearm and the penalties for doing so; will keep the firearm until it is determined the original owner is capable of possessing the firearm again or an new owner can be found, and that the Illinois State Police and local state’s attorney would be informed about any address or name change while the person possesses the firearm. The bill comes after Jeffrey Reinking allegedly gave his son, Travis, his firearms back after his FOID card was revoked. One of the firearms, an AR-15, was later allegedly used in a mass shooting at the Tennessee restaurant which resulted in the deaths of four people. One of the relatives of the victims is now suing Jeffrey Reinking for negligent entrustment of the guns.The penalty for breaking the law would be a class 4 felony. The bill now goes to the House for consideration.