Scott Robbins in the Morning 6am-9am

Scott Robbins is a radio legend. He spent more than a decade in Bloomington Normal doing top 40 radio and after cementing that station into a legacy powerhouse, he turned his sites to talk radio and never looked back. Scott hosted ratings dominating shows on B/N talk stations before he took a chance to brought on a co-host, lifelong friend Jamie Markley. The “Robbins and Markley” show became so successful it was launched into a nationally syndicated show. Unfortunately, during that shows very quick rise to national ratings success, Scott suffered a heart attack…two actually. He died… twice and was brought back. He had less than a 5% chance of survival. Dire odds but, in true Scott Robbins fashion, he not only survived but made the long recovery back to the microphone. As Scott says he had to come back, he had to tell the story. But first he had to learn to talk again. Nearly a year after his near fatal heart attack, Scott was able to take the airwaves again. He is back in Bloomington/Normal rejoining Cities 92.9 and is still a key role on the nationally syndicated “Markley and Van Camp” show.

Scott Robbins has covered many elections, national tragedies and through the ups and downs of the news cycle he has an ability to find the light in the darkness and is able to makes sense out of the political “mcgurkin”. It has been said by many that he could read the phone book and people would listen to find out what comes after Smith, Scott is truly one-of-kind and a walking miracle.

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